Future is a Company Builder that invests in entrepreneurs with a rich experience.

By providing comprehensive support from top investors, business leaders and professionals, we will harness years of added value to build outstanding companies. 





We collaborate with people who bring years of professional background, a wide perspective of their industry, and a deep understanding of trends and market needs.

The entrepreneurs who participate in our program disrupt traditional industries by connecting them with innovative technologies, reshaping existing businesses and operating models, and redefining customer experiences.

Our incubation process combines the right resources with a hands-on approach in order to develop fully realized startups that are ready to face the market and raise funding.

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Our four-month journey to the Future brings together knowledge and knowhow. As your partners, we bring to the table:

A group of business development and marketing managers from the best startup companies who will partner with you, leading your ventures forward.

A weekly meeting with one of our Friends and Family group - successful industry players, experienced entrepreneurs and top investors. The guests will expose you to their market perspective and help you understand how a business leader thinks and acts.


A powerful network, a thriving peer community of entrepreneurs and a platform to share knowledge and enjoy each rich experience and the synergetic strength of a network of like-minded practitioners.

We provide an array of platforms for raising funds, in order for you to find the one which suits you best. Whether you will need an investment, crowdfunding/crowdsourcing, a development investment, a loan or an impact investment, your fundraising platforms will be customizable. 

The program's leading startup shall be awarded with initial financing in the amount of $100,000 to take their Idea into a prototype, with the help and support of the highly experienced and motivated Merage Institute’s fellows, advisory board and business leaders in Israel and the United States.

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Through our unique program, we gain valuable insights and find the best ways to harness the entrepreneurs’ expertise and experience.


Based on research we've conducted and the data we’ve gathered over time, we partner with institutes, such as the Ministry for Social Equality and the Ministry of Work and Welfare, to research the fascinating and impactful topic of entrepreneurship for innovators aged 45 and up.


In-depth research enables forming a structured plan that encourages easier access to the field, and makes the most out of the vast experience and expertise these entrepreneurs have to offer.



Our model fits different locations and industries and can be adjusted and implemented according to specific needs. If you recognize the need for experienced entrepreneurship in your area - contact us today, and we’ll create a plan to launch a localized Future program specifically for you.


Together, we’ll:


  • Understand the challenges of experienced entrepreneurs in your ecosystem

  • Study the industries that need their experience and expertise to grow

  • Reach out to relevant partners and entrepreneurs

  • Launch the program and make a difference!


Contact us to discover the many opportunities of encouraging experienced entrepreneurship. Let’s start forming a clear path to success together, with a detailed plan based on our experience and your goals. We’ll implement the Future model together, step by step.

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