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Our program offers a comprehensive solution, tailored to meet participants’ specific needs and goals. Our HR, legal, financial, and entrepreneurial experts - all industry-leading figures who work with prominent companies - will work closely with your team. Together, you’ll overcome challenges and improve your ability to realize your personal and professional potential.

Our Team


Our Last Cycle's Boosters



Becoming a Booster for Future Company Builder gives you direct access to working alongside entrepreneurs with a rich background and deep knowledge of the market they are entering. While partnering with them, you will get a unique opportunity to bring together knowledge and knowhow in order to influence businesses from the ground up.

The business partner has multiple key roles in the company building process:

  • Captain the ship—providing a strategic point of view by looking far, wide, and deep.

  • Navigate—building the company's roadmap and execution plan.

  • Shape the necessary infrastructure and foundation for a strong business. 

  • Act as the driving force behind the company—providing support, mentoring, and a shoulder to lean on.

  1. Conduct a weekly mentoring and business counseling session with the entrepreneurs working under your guidance.

  2. Communicate, via e-mail or phone, with entrepreneurs to stay updated on a weekly basis 

  3. Provide inspiration to Future's wide community of entrepreneurs by sharing your experience and your personal insights with regard to running and maintaining a successful business.


The opportunity to speak in front of a larger group of entrepreneurs at the age of 45+ will scale our impact - we will open  doors  more people to tap into the entrepreneurial world and offer access to information, knowledge, and the necessary tools that will help them build their initiative, generate profits and gain financial stability.

What does the Future Company Builder look like?


Our company building process is divided into three parts:


1. Strategy

  • Lean Startup & business models

  • Creating an MVP (minimum viable product) - a product/ service with just enough features to gather validated learning about the product and its continued development.

  • Go to market strategy


2. Tactics

  • Marketing strategy solidification

  • Branding

  • Strategic partnership and investment opportunities

  • Online & mobile present

  • Online marketing

 3. Execution

  • Execution of the go to market strategy, growth and scale.

  • Ongoing developing adjustment process, nourished by insights gathered from an MVP

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