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In the last couple of years, we have seen an increasing number of entrepreneurs over the age of 45, with rich backgrounds from leading companies, taking the next step in their career and turn to the startups arena.

Our unique program is intended to encourage and support those entrepreneurs to develop unique ideas/projects/ventures/technologies into a promising successful business.

This year, we are happy to create MERAGE FUTURE 45, building a new model that provides a holistic, interdisciplinary and effective boosting system, as well as initial funding to the winner entrepreneurs to be used towards financing their business plan.

By assigning operational resources and capital, we will enable entrepreneurs at the age of +45 to take their ideas through the process of building a company.


About The Merage Institute

The Merage Institute’s vision is to promoting trade and bridging Innovation between US and Israel as a vehicle to economic growth in Israel and the United States.

The Institute accomplishes this through a number of innovative initiatives, including specialized Business Leadership Programs for industries that are innovation driven from Israel, where the Institute tries to bridge technologies, research, ideas that can leverage the US and Israel’s biggest advantage – Innovation and by bringing them closer to create economy growth for US and Israel and the rest of the world. At the same time the Institute exposes the US business community to Israeli start-up leaders and vice versa, aiming to strengthen and promote bonding, knowledge exchange and strategic collaborations between the two.

The flag activity, Innovation Bridge Business Leadership Program, consists of an intense two week immersion seminar (for about 20 entrepreneurs) which emphasizes effective approaches to marketing, negotiation, networking and sales strategies, finance, legal and procurement issues in the conduct of business with and within the United States. The program is offered completely with no charge of any kind.

The Institute has offered this program since 2005 and today we host 4 programs a year in the US for Israeli start-up Executives from different industries such as Life Sciences, BioTech, Medical Devices, Pharma, Hi-Tech, HLS, New Media and CleanTech. For more information

About Future

Future is a Venture Builder that invests in entrepreneurs at the age of +45, who channel their knowledge and experience into developing a business with a social impact.

Our unique booster enables entrepreneurs with an age advantage to take their ideas through the process of consistent company creation. Our intensive incubation process combines resources with a hands-on approach and careful attention,

 all together allowing for the development of startups that are fully realized and ready for investment.

Our Leading Partners

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